The Supremely Cool Retro Metro “Snappy”

We’re taking a break from the Great 8 to bring you a ride that’s just too cool for school.  This is a tribute truck like no other.  According to Domenic Valentino, the mastermind behind this build, he was “all Snap-on tools” since he got out of the Navy. So when his next restoration came about, he thought what could be better than to pay homage to the company that he owed his livelihood to.  The 1951 International Metro aka “Snappy,” is a testimonial to Mr. Valentino’s dedication to Snap-on as well as his mad skills as a builder and period perfect restorer extraordinaire.

We saw this magnificent Metro at the Grand National Roadster Show Grand Daddy Drive-In.  A little background on this tool toter, the Metro is as a step van that was produced from 1931-1975.  They were built by the Metropolitan body company on an International Harvester chassis.

Domenic kept Snappy as close as he could to an original, but exercised creative license in a couple areas.  As a nod to Snap-on history, the wood floor sports the company’s logos and some displays are all Mr. Valentino’s interpretation of the fabulous 50’s.

The 2 year frame off restoration was a labor of love for Valentino.  His dedication to this period correct build is evident in his attention to detail. Everything on display in the truck is vintage.

This tribute truck came to life in a storage locker in the Golden State.  Built of course with Snap-on hand tools, it is a precisely pristine representation of a 50’s era Snap-on step van.  Resurrecting the days when Snap-on would bring their tools to their customers in supreme style.  This is one Retro Metro worth spend some quality time with.

Snappy is not sitting around collecting dust, it gets around all over Southern California.  Check out Domenic’s Instagram page and follow Snappy’s travels.

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