The Wheelstanding Cop

With racing season just a few weeks away it got us thinking about some of our old friends. One ’56 Chevy driving “copper” in particular came to mind. To serve, to protect and to wheelstand? Now I’m not sure how many police officers have that on their badge but I know it’s somewhere on Mike Bilina’s aka “The Wheelstanding Cop”. Mr. Bilina is a proud Chicago police officer and the owner and outstanding pilot of this high flying ’56 Gasser. “The Wheelstanding Cop” turns in his badge for the keys of this righteous “Green Monster” most weekends in the summer season. Let me tell you, he’s a popular dude around the track, his reputation definitely precedes him. Crowds immediately gather when that ’56 comes rumbling to the bleach box and trust me, he never disappoints. The Wheelstanding Cop knows how to please an audience, no citations only an awesome show. It starts with a boss burnout, continues when he hops the ’56 to the tree, then reaches it’s pinnacle when he launches his ride sky high and most times, despite the show, comes out on top. It seems the 1/4 mile is the perfect antidote to the mean streets of Chi-town.

His passes down the track are well worth the price of admission keep your eye out for this beauty!

Til the next time – aim high and Keep on Kruzin!