This Car’s Got …..!

How about it friends, is this outside the box or what. A local fellow, who wished to remain nameless, created this one of kind ride as a replacement of sorts. In the early 2000’s, with blessings from the Moxie Company, this unnamed fellow originally built a replica Rolls Royce Moxiecar, putting into it just north of 100 grand! But as with most artistic geniuses once the project was finished he moved on to the next and the Rolls Moxiecar was sold. He experienced what I can only guess was sellers remorse and soon recreated the Moixecar using a slightly different platform but keeping with the Moxiecar theme. Painstaking attention to detail just radiates off this ride. It’s beautiful, hands down a crowd pleaser and frankly, I think it’s enchanting. First time i’ve ever said that about a car. My only regret is that I didn’t see this pony performing. No worries, I’m determined and this thing is just so amazing, I will not rest until I see her in all her glory hightailing it down the road. I must say, a fine tribute to the oldest continuously produced soda in the U.S. but an even finer example of true talent, vision and expression. It’s just so cool when people march to the beat of their own drum, talk about Moxie!

Stay tuned, this automotive artist has some other “fillies” in his stable; a couple I’ve seen and a little birdie told me he’s working on a ’46 Rolls that’ll blow the mind. Trust me you’re gonna want to check these out.