Typhoon Revisit

The Typhoon we had in our Spotlight a while back was recently featured on the website Street Legal TV. I thought I would revisit and share the article we put together on the Typhoon for the benefit our our new visitors who may have missed it the first time around. This really is one bad truck and it has generated some heated debate. We said it before but it is worth repeating, this truck is a purist’s nightmare! With that in mind our hats off for off the hook vision. Oh and a big welcome to our new friends from Street Legal TV. Here is the full Spotlight on the “Bad to the Bone Typhoon”.

A number of you have commented to us about the unusual looking GMC Typhoon truck in the public gallery and have asked for more info on it, so we decided we’d do a Spotlight feature on it.

It started out as a stock, all wheel drive, turbocharged V-6 Typhoon bought new in 1993 by it’s current owner, but after he grenaded the ‘tweaked” V-6 for the third time, he decided he’d try something completely different with it. To the chagrin of the purist Typhoon collector, he junked the entire drive train and dropped in a 438 cu. in. blown, nitrous small block V-8 that puts out close to 900 HP.

He sandwiched in a turbo hydro 3 speed tranny, hooked it to a burly GMC transfer case that now feeds those 900 horses to a beefed up differential in the front and in the rear to a Currie 9″ Ford rear end. (Yes, it’s still all wheel drive!)

While he was at it, he junked the entire stock suspension too. Now, it’s got tubular A arms with coil overs in the front.

In the rear, the truck now has coil over ladder bars (with wheelie bars to keep the front end planted)

And to heap insult on injury to the classic purist mentality, the owner decided he could improve on the stock Typhoon’s look by chopping the top 2 1/2 inches.

And oh yeah, he added a tilt front too!

The end result is one bad, hot rodded, Pro-Street Typhoon – take a gander.

You can check out the write up at Street Legal TV. Can we pick ’em or what!