Video “Vay – Cay”

Here’s a little end of the week distraction for you. You’ve worked hard and you deserve a break. Not in a McDonalds way but in a KruzinUSA way! We want you to take a 6 minute intermission and indulge in some hot rod finery. You see I thought it was time I share some of our more popular videos. Popular where you ask, well on that other little website called FaceBook. About 20,000 or so like minded folks follow my every movement over there and some of these videos have been quite popular of late. Oh and by the by you really should follow us over there on FaceBook, we believe you really do need your daily dose of vitamin K, vitamin “K”ruzinUSA that is.

Now take a little “vacation” in front of your screen, put your feet up and cast an eyeball. You can thank us later.

We have our next SEMA Super Star on deck and let me tell you your peepers are not going to believe it. About all I can say is trifecta!

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!