Vintage Torque Fest 2017

What happens when a cavalcade of cool rolls into into town making it the epicenter of traditional Hot Rodding culture, Vintage Torque Fest happens that’s what. And let me tell you Torque Fest 2017 was a feast for the hot rodders soul! There was something for everyone with gears in their heads. Live music yep it was there on three stages all day. Hot rod drags on the dirt track, heck ya and get this the winners gave their prize money back to the foundation, more on that later. Pin up contest, the best! Vendors, vendors, vendors. And a huge swap meet, fab fairground food and a variety of adult beverages,( if that was your thing). Oh ya last but not least about 700 of the Koolest of the Kool and the Radest of the Rad rides filling the fairgrounds from too many different states to count. Um ya, it was festival indeed.

The folks that organize Vintage Torque Fest like to call it a “participatory show” and let me tell you, I was hard pressed to find a single person just hanging with their ride. The fans of the Vintage Torque Fest are a hardy bunch. Rain, shine or threat of snow this gang is out in force, thankfully this year Mother Nature cooperated with an amazing day. This is the first time I’ve seen Dubuque in the sun and I’ve gotta say it’s right nice! Torque Fest was packed. Packed with people, great rides and good times. Everyone was enjoying the heck out of everything that VTF had to offer, in other words par-ti-ci-pating!

A super cool aspect of Vintage Torque is that the proceeds from the gate, the silent auction, and the panel jam go to the Helping Hannah’s Heart Foundation. Helping Hannah’s Heart was created by show organizer John Wells and his wife Kim to help families with children who were born with congenital heart defects. Their daughter Hannah successfully survived a risky experimental surgery and their hope is the Helping Hannah’s Heart foundation can help offset the medical expenses for many families in need. Mad props for putting together an outstanding show for an amazing cause. That vibe of giving was prevalent throughout the show. I mentioned, the drag winners giving back the purse, a Pontiac of an undetermined vintage was donated to be raffled off and the army of volunteers was so big it could put the Salvation Army Santas to shame. Way cool all the way around!

For now, less words more rides from this “Festival of Vintage Torque”. Let your peepers roam over these cherry chariots and you’ll see for yourself this fest has passed the acid test!

To check out more of the VTF finery, hit up the Most Recent Gallery there’s tons more to see!

I’ll be bringing you more from this fab fest, more Super Stars, more of everything!

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!