VooDoo Larry Kustoms Open House 2017

He opened the doors to the house that Kustom built and they came to worship at his altar of Kool! It was VooDoo Larry Kustoms annual Open House and it was the outer limits baby, koolsville to the 10th degree. We all know Larry is one Hep Kat but when you check out his digs you know this Dude is for real. He is staying true to the words he gave us over five years ago – “If you take care of your shop, your shop takes care of you.” How true, how true maestro. There wasn’t an inch of floorspace in his immaculate shop to spare. This Kat be busy. The shop on Jarvis Ave is packed to the gills with projects in various states of completion. Meaning only one thing, the future is bright for us devotees since there are 9 rides forthcoming with that special VooDoo that only he do. I can’t wait to see his next stratospheric idea come to life. In addition to all access to Larry’s shop many of his fans brought their rides to the shindig, lining the street with the koolest of the kool, longest and lowest lead out there. Ya, it was a kool way to spend afternoon.

Now I’ll let the pics do the rest of my jive talkin. Go on and indulge.

Go get some kontact kool by checking out the rest of this hullabaloo in the Most Recent Show Gallery.

Now take a gander at one of the heppest happenin’ spots in the Midwest. The shop that is VooDoo Larry Kustoms.

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!