VooDoo Larry Kustoms Open House

Who doesn’t love an open house and when it’s hosted by one of the heppest Kats around you know you are in for a good time. What I’m talking about guys and dolls is the VooDoo Larry Kustoms Open House. The Bee’s Knees about sums it up. Far out rides and lads and lassies, most dressed to the nines, all getting together and able to wander through the House of Kool. Let’s talk about the House for a moment. Spotless and packed with projects describes in a nut shell ground zero for VooDoo Larry Kustoms. It’s perfect; he treats his shop as an extended canvas for his bent on the universe. Designing Kustoms as well as shops this Kat does it all. Speaking of doing it all, the afternoon was topped off with live music provided by none other than Himself Mr. VooDoo Larry on his swinging bass with his bandmates in Lil Red and the Howlin’ Wolves. Come on now, Open House? In the world according to Pony Girl this was a Ginchy Gathering or perhaps a Screamin’ Shindig; y’all can’t have this much Kool and call it an Open House. Heck, you blew the roof off this thing!

Take a gander and I think you’ll agree.

Cast an eyeball at the Most Recent Show Gallery and you’ll see for yourself this ain’t your typical Open House and I do believe you should mark your calendars for 2016. First Sunday in August – friends you’re gonna want to make this scene!