VooDoo Larry’s VooDoo Sahara

Hold on to your hats guys and dolls this ride coming up is gonna blow your mind! It’s the VooDoo Sahara and who do that Voodoo well. VooDoo Larry do that’s who. This eye popper is fresh out of, you guessed it, VooDoo Larry Kustoms shop in suburban Chicago. This luminescent wonder debuted at the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular back in July, where it was awarded the prestigious Kustom D’elegance award presented by none other than the legendary John D’Agostino. Not to shabby for a debut showing! I got my first glimpse of this baby at Larry’s annual open house. And about all I can say is Holy Smokes and then some! This ride takes kustom to a whole new level.

No that long ago this stunner was a four door 1954 Kaiser Manhattan. Now, about all that’s left of that sedan is the steering wheel, a few feet of the original hood and the top of the Kaiser that Larry fashioned into those crazy 6ft. long fender skirts! Needless to say this intrepretation was built as an homage to the iconic Golden Sahara I out of Barris Kustoms and Golden Sahara II built by Jim Skonzakes. This incarnation though has a definite VooDoo twist. This two year build resulted in everything, and I mean everything kustom. From the ’55 Chevy windshield with a 3 inch chop to the scratch built front and rear end to the ’59 Mercury taillights. Personally, I’m diggin’ the vertical mounted ’60 Corvair headlights. Any orphan element is boss to me. Oh, and yes, that’s a ’56 Emmerson TV and a phone and a microphone on the dash, those are just a few of the many nods to the originals. This ride is kind of like name that part, you can look at it for hours trying to figure out what piece came from where and just how in the heck did he do that. Well, I guess that’s just the VooDoo he do.

Now cast an eyeball at some rolling pics of this beauty.