Wheelie Contest Rocks Byron Dragway

Sunday.… Sunday.… Sunday was a spectacular day at the famous Playground of Power Byron Dragway. A slice of gear head nirvana that rattled the bones and rocked the world. The wheelies were off the hook and to put it simply, the Byron Dragway World Power Wheel Stand Championship is the best show on two wheels. How can you beat two tons of Detroit’s finest heading for the stratosphere. No wheelie bars needed, the sky was the limit for these fearless flyers. It was gear slamming, bumper dragging, nitrous spraying, wheel standing mayhem and it was without a doubt the BEST!

Mr Brian Ambrosini was the victor after two rounds of sky scraping motor mayhem. His 20 year history at this event may have given him an edge but in the end, skill and nerve brings home the trophy. Each year he has upped his game and this year it paid off with a 447ft wheelie. The second round was when Mr. Ambrosini in his Gremlin swung for the fence. Finally and fatefully the consummate showman and competitor Ambrosini tried to outdo his 447ft wheelie and shot for the elusive quarter mile rip. He went for it at 110% but unfortunately he ended up on his lid.

Stop motion of a winning wheelie.

Cringe worthy snaps of a wheelie gone bad.

The winning run and subsequent crash. Can’t fault the guy for going for it!

The 2019 Champ Chris Pearce tried to defend his title, gave it his all and almost made it. He fell, or more specifically went over the wall mere feet from the winning wheelie. In addition to the second place spot, he won the awards for the best Ford, highest as well as the most violent wheelies. His “Chinto” after all left the track and if you can’t win the whole shebang, going home with the most violent wheelie does have its own bragging rights. You’ve got to be all in it to win it, maybe next year the rebuilt “Chinto” will see the winners circle again.

Can’t beat an action packed day filled wild wheelies. Cast an eye at these radical racers taking it to the limits.

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The Playground of Power Byron Dragway will go as long as Mother Nature allows. Head over to their site and check out the schedule.

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