Wheelie Mayhem “Hollywood” Wes Style

The Byron World Power Wheel Stand Championship is hands down one of the most exciting motorsports events out there. And it’s participants like Wes Newman that keep it that way. Wes Newman is the ultimate showman, he’s there to pull the best wheelie he can all while putting on one heck of a show. This year he did not disappoint.  It was “wheelie mayhem” Hollywood style, and the legendary duo of Wes and his ’68 Camaro were up to their high flying antics. For his efforts, Wes won the title of the Highest and Most Violent wheel stands of the event. However, this year those antics came a little too close for comfort and Wes is headed back to Eldorado, Illinois with a little work on his hands.  

Round 1. Knowing Wes, we knew it was going to be a great attempt.

Round 2 or “run for your life”. This is where it got really hairy. Especially for the photographer who was still at the wall when he tagged it. Forgive the blur, but Pony Girl’s life was flashing before her eyes!

The aftermath ….

And now finally in living color, hold on tight that Camaro is coming right at you!

We were really pulling for him to win. But knowing Wes, he’ll be out again next year, giving it his all.

Stay tuned for full coverage from the Byron World Power Wheel Stand Championship as well as full coverage from Iron Invasion. 

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