Wild White Motor Co. Cabover

Here is another of my favorite finds. Ok, I know I might be taking a little liberty here, this isn’t typically what you’d call a hot rod but I’d sure call it a bit of a custom and a classic for sure and in my book cool. I saw this White Motor Company cabover decked out with some attitude at the GoodGuys Southwest Nats. It stopped me cold. Not only can you haul with a whole lot of style but, the owners made it into one of the coolest portable shelters I’ve ever seen. Now you’ve got to cut me some slack here if we don’t exactly see eye to eye on this one. I’ve got a real soft spot for trucks and I really dig this one.

Here is a quick walk around.

I was sorry I didn’t see it in the winner’s corral with the “Just Causes It’s Neat” award because in my book it sure is.