Winding Down With Welder Up

We are on our way home from Planet Vegas.  For the initiated I don’t even have to explain where I’m coming from.  Six days in Las Vegas, four of them at SEMA – talk about other worldly.  So while I gather my thoughts, sift through ALL of the content and recover from my hot rod hangover I thought I would share an encounter I had at SEMA.  You see, in addition to the million cool things I’ve already told you about that makes SEMA what it is, another wild trip is the place is swimming with celebrities.  They are everywhere and not just at special events or autograph sessions.  They, like the rest of us are out and about taking in everything that is the SEMA show.  And if that celebrity happens to be a hot rod builder there’s no doubt he’s brought a couple of his rides with him.  So imagine my delight when I got to see “Destroyer” built by the gang at Welder Up up close and personal.  But as with everything relating to SEMA, my delight blew up exponentially when walking around early one morning who did I literally run into, none other than Mr. Steve Darnell himself!  Yep a bonafide star and incredible hot rod build.  He was kind enough to let me snap a couple of pics, take a selfie or two and he even chatted for a couple minutes!  I know how cool is that!  But before you dive into this “Destroyer” here’s the skinny behind this outrageous build.  It was dedicated to Keith Crabb, Steve’s Grandfather.  He served on a Destroyer during WWII and this car was built in honor of all WWII vets.  That monster out in front is a 1200 horse Cummins diesel with 130lbs boost.  It’s locked and loaded with 5 bottles of Nitrous, so undoubtedly this Destroyer would pulverize the pavement.  Power plant aside the amount of creativity and design that went into this build is incredible.  Luck for you, you don’t have to rely on my description you can check it out for yourself.  Cast an eyeball friends, she’s a beaut!

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Stay tuned, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!