World of Wheels 2015

Well Kats and Kittens, Old Man Winter has packed his bags and is high tailing it out of town and none too soon for my liking thank you very much! World of Wheels, that harbinger of better things to come to rolled into town not so long ago and really breathed some fresh life into our weary car show starved midwestern souls. As aways it was great to get out of the crummy weather and walk amongst the finery from near and far. Tons of new and different rides and that’s always makes for a good time.

World of Wheels always gets me going for the season to come. Take a look down yonder at some of the highlights and for my friends in the colder climes I know you’ll appreciate the nearness of good things to come. You can check out the rest of the goods in the Most Recent Show Gallery. Think Spring!

I know, the motorcycle is so crazy. Stay tuned we’re gearing up for another outstanding season. Bigger and better things to come.