Detroit Speed’s “TUX” Great 8 Finalist

Next up on the Great 8 Finalist list is the “TUX”, a stunning ’69 Camaro from Detroit Speed.  Kyle Tucker and the gang at Detroit Speed and Engineering certainly know a thing or two about turning out award winning rides.  The “TUX” most definitely exemplifies DSE’s experienced execution.  The “TUX” you ask?  According to Mr. Tucker, this ride earned the name because “its eloquent, sophisticated and hopefully will never go out of style.”  Well friends, the “TUX” is the perfect marriage of form and function.  With the Detroit Speed treatment, this performance packed ’69 is timelessly elegant and much like a classic tuxedo, this ride will always be in style.

For a project that’s been in the shop for “a while”, there are only about 9 years of man hours into this build.  This ride epitomizes the phrase, same only different but for the “TUX” it’s “stock but not”.  Subtly wicked best describes this first gen Camaro.  To begin with, that initial fierce form is the result of countless subtle body mods.  Every piece of steel was reshaped and refined.

Here are just a few of the ingenious details that separated the “TUX” from the rest of the pack.  It sports custom machined headlight covers and reshaped bumpers. Repositioned signal lights bring out the Camaros body lines.  A micro switch in the stock appearing handle, opens the door which has a very modern courtesy light in the bottom.  Want more details?  How about a hand-fabricated floor pan and transmission tunnel, shaved drip rails, a custom Classic Instruments gauge cluster and six-point roll cage.  The full custom interior is mind-blowing and the list goes on.

A Harrop supercharger tops a Kurt Urban built LS2.  To match the exterior, the engine block was smoothed, polished and painted.  All those high performance horses are married to a 6 speed Tremmec trans built by Bowler Performance.  Disc brakes bring this beauty to a swift stop.  The front hydroformed subframe, Quadralink suspension, and mini tubs are all DSE’s finest.  The custom stamped cross members increased the turning radius and lowered the ride height.  Yes, “TUX” sits nice and low, but has a 47″ overall roof height.  That means full suspension performance with a mean stance.  Last but not least, custom chrome plated Forgeline wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires keep this ride rolling smoothly and in style.  Oh and this beauty has brains too.  Electronically controlled with a touchpad, this ride even has it’s own IP address.

You will have several chances this year to check out this ride for yourself.  This bad build will be in the running for the GoodGuys Street Machine of the Year and undoubtedly a contender in the SEMA Battle of the Builders.  This is one Black Tied beauty, now put on your finest and try Detroit Speeds version of a “TUX”  on for size.

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