The Exceptionally Glorious GNRS

It’s the world’s longest running indoor car show, first-rate, five-star, greater and more grandiose that any show out there.  It’s the Grand National roadster Show and the great GNRS has been going strong for 7 decades!  The best builders, the hottest hot rods, coolest customs and lowest lowrider converged in Pomona, CA for the 70th annual running of the show and in a word it was spectacular!  70 years young and showing no signs of slowing down.  It was a weekend filled with unbelievable cars, and legendary car people. Just some of the builders representing: Steve Strope, Troy Ladd, Jimmy Shine, Troy Trepanier, Bobby Alloway, Roy Brizio, Johnny Martin, Rick Dore, Eddie Pettus JR, you get the picture.  The heavy hitters came out for the Grand Daddy of them all the GNRS!

There was something for everyone at the 70th Annual Grand National Roadster Show.  The 14 Contenders for the coveted America’s Most Beautiful Roadster were worth the price of admission but there was so much more.  Seven buildings filled to capacity.  Sound enticing?  It was!

The 90th Anniversary display of the Model A was sublime.  More than 100 historically significant Fords were on display.  Including; many previous AMBR winners, the Eddie Dye roadster, the ’29 roadster driven by Elvis Presley in the movie Loving You and about 90 more.  Old Henry was smiling down on Pomona for sure!

Building 10 again hosted the Suede Palace.  The unofficial show within a show, offering everyithg form slammed and shaved to chopped and channeled.  Traditional Hot Rods were the name of the game.

Radical customs, need we say more?

One of a kind is the name of the game at the GNRS.  And for the first time a special trophy for Builder of the Decade was handed out at the GNRS.  That honor went to Chip Foose.  Who just so happened to bring along the largest display of Foose Design cars ever assembled in one spot.

The Grand National Roadster Show offered rides to suit everyone’s tastes. Over 600 cars on display inside, everything from the Ridler winner to the Magic Bus.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

How do you really describe the GNRS?  You stop typing and let the cars do the talking!  

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There is more to come from the GNRS, specifically the other half.  The stunning show that rolled in Saturday morning and filled every nook and cranny of the Fairplex grounds with more outstanding rides than you can imagine.  The Grand Daddy Drive-In is on deck!

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