Rick Dore’s Latest, “Illusion”

An entirely hand fabricated car, a figment of your imagination, perhaps.  For most this next ride might fall into the world of fantasy or a conjuring of a gear heads imagination.  But, from the gifted hands and creative mind of Rick Dore, it’s no daydream.  Cast your eyes at Mr. Dore’s latest hand fabricated creation, “Illusion”.  The flawlessly flowing lines and exquisite detail are trademark Rick Dore design.  “Illusion” is proof that building things the old fashioned way can be cutting edge and modern.

Luc Deley of Marcel’s, masterfully hand formed the entire build from raw sheets of aluminum.  “Illusion” sits on a chassis by Art Morrison and Steve Wilks.  Ron Francis wiring keeps everything connected.  Ron Mangus created the interior and Sherms did the chrome plating.  She rolls on Coker tires and Red Lizard did the exquisite trim work.  It has an Ididit ’40 Ford steering column and the fuel tank is by Rick’s Tanks.  PPG provided that immaculate finish and incredibly distinctive color.  Last but not least an LS3 engine gets this “Illusion” down the road with certainty.  Feast your eyes on what could be an “Illusion” but is in fact a handmade rolling wonder.

Here’s just a little more of that Dore eye candy.

Care to see the evolution of this beauty?  Check out the feature we did on “Illusion” while still in bare metal.

Friends, if an Ididit column works in “Illusion”, there’s no doubt they have the perfect column for your project.   The latest innovations from the folks that are “driven by quality so it can be steered by you” are all in their Vendors Showroom, check it out!

The 2019 Ridler is only days away.  Stay tuned we’ll be there and we’ll be bringing you all the excitement.

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Till the next time – Keep on Kruzin!