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If you’re an aftermarket Vendor and possibly considering marketing your products with us, here is some background. Our approach to advertising is different; our shoppable BUILDERS Show Stopper streaming TV channel not only showcases the builds from our KruzinUSA Hot Rod Builder Community, but importantly, the Builder himself acknowledges and shows in his narration of the build the actual Vendor products he’s used in it. As a result, here’s what our registered Vendors get:

– A credible authentic 3rd party endorsement by a top Hot Rod Builder who has used their product in his build.

– When he talks about using the Vendor product, that product is shown right within the context of the build being featured in that episode.

– In each “BUILDERS Show Stopper” episode, there is also an embedded link to an online Show Stopper VENDOR STORE that includes a digital, interactive print ad for the Vendor product with the ability to get more info, pricing, even the opportunity to buy that Vendor product shown in that episode. Here’s a sample episode. Goolsby Customs ’32 Ford.

– After each episode runs its course, KruzinUSA follows up with each of the Vendors featured in the episode with data analytics:

 –    Your own FREE Vendor Showroom on our KruzinUSA site that includes:

Our approach is unique to the Hot Rod industry; it’s a whole new way of selling your products that capitalizes on the explosive stampede away from old school, passive broadcast TV to new school, interactive streaming TV. Further, initial episodes have generated a lot of interest, averaging well over a half million hot rodders per episode and at a cost per thousand that is unrivaled!

If you want to find out to possibly become one of KruzinUSA’s registered Vendors, just give us an email contact and we’ll get back to you with more info.

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